We are creative, intelligent and experienced marketing and design geeks who one day decided to stop staring out of the office window imagining what our own company would be like, and just get on and do it.  We are Three Thinking Co. It's the same three guys in the engine room, but with our own way of working, our own clients and our own office. We work next to a stream complete with ducks - just how we imagined.


Clients call us all kinds of nice things, but our efforts can be best summed up with the often used, seldom true description: ‘fully integrated marketing agency.’ We enjoy working on b2b, b2c and b2p projects across a diverse range of business sectors and deliver clever thinking on activities aimed at increasing sales, awareness and brand equity. We also offer the occasional wise word inspired by our favourite writers - the creative stuff’s our own.


Our kids ask us that all the time. It's a good question. Creating something of your own isn't easy, but we want to be the best at what we do, do it our way, and leave something for our children, and their children, to be proud of. So it had to be done. We keep learning, creating and thinking about ways to help people achieve their goals. We know our clients' success leads to our own, so we never compromise on delivering our best.

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Lambretta - Apex Licensing and their website simply wasn’t doing the job they needed.

There were three main things they had in mind when they first approached us. First, it needed to showcase the Lambretta brand. Second, it needed a modern design that showed expertise and confidence in what they do. And third, it needed a robust information architecture that would help customers explore their products quickly and intuitively.

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